Amy Lo


I love a good puzzle.

Wherever there’s an interesting problem to solve, I’ll go – whether that means deciphering complex algorithms, painting a North Star vision, or imagining end-to-end user experiences.

I pull inspiration from an unconventional background in game design, neuroscience, and engineering. I know what it takes to put the pieces together. I thrive building scrappy and building at scale.

I’m passionate about grounding my work in the psychology of everyday people. I currently help teach graduate-level classes on game design and designing for behavior change at Stanford University.

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Selected Work


UX/UI, Mobile • React Native, Expo, Figma, API

Mobile journalling app for analyzing your emotions musically.

SpaceBoi vs. The World

Game, UX/UI • Unity, Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud

New onboarding, level system, and system feedback UI for a game about saving the planet.

Pixel Vessel

Tool, Visual Effects, Interactive • ChucK, ChuGL

Audiovisualizer mapping the time-domain waveform and waterfall magnitude in chaotic zen.