Amy loves design. She studies computer science and psychology at Stanford, graduating in June 2024. Amy likes puzzles, especially rubix cubes. She likes breaking things down and seeing how they fit.

Amy loves code; she is wrestling with the ethics of a technological world. Amy loves thinking about the brain. What can the brain tell us about technology? What can technology tell us about the brain? Amy is attempting to answer both questions through her research at Stanford in virtual reality at the Stanford Memory Lab.

she/her/hers –

I am...

working on healthcare design systems and frontend development at Accenture Song this summer with a focus on product management.

building this site using GraphQL, Gatsby, React, ChakraUI, and a little bit of luck. I taught myself web development to build this site and others.

a TA for CS106A (Python) and CS106B (C++), where I teach weekly sections on introductory programming fundamentals for Stanford's largest course.

I was...

previously at
Federal Reserve Board
50+1 Strategies
the U.S. Census Bureau
Coding it Forward
Stanford Career Education.

a researcher on tech culture at the Tech History Project. Talk to me about Silicon Valley, startups, Stanford, and the social impacts of a technological world.

a Resident Assistant for a Squirtle-themed all-sophomore dorm. I learned about friendship, charcuterie boards, and planning a 150-person yacht party.

I will be...

studying abroad at Oxford in the fall quarter, where I will hopefully live out my Gryffindor dreams and try to fake a good British accent.

looking for opportunities in UX engineering, UX design, product design, and frontend development roles for Summer 2023.

learning about web applications, game design, design thinking, computer systems, and virtual reality in the next school year.