BunnyWorld is an Android game creation tool completed as part of the CS108: Object-Oriented Programming course. The project aimed to enable users to create and play games on their smartphones seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Dependency on Google Gson for serialization purposes, ensuring efficient handling of game data.
  • The project was set up for the Nexus 5X device with Landscape view, adhering to specific specifications.
  • Implementation of game descriptions to enhance user experience and game management.
  • Automatic game saving functionality to persist user progress across sessions.
  • Error checks implemented for validating game and page names to ensure data integrity.
  • Dynamic page titles and draft mode feature for better organization and management of games.
  • Integration of various features such as shape manipulation, text editing, and image handling to enhance game customization options.
  • Comprehensive error checking and handling mechanisms to ensure smooth user experience and prevent crashes.
  • Possibility of adding custom scripts to shapes, with dynamic updates to accommodate changes in game elements.
  • Flexibility allowing pages and shapes to have the same name, facilitating intuitive game design.

My Role:

I worked on adding features such as script editing and auto-checking, drawing, on-touch events, in-game possessions, and cut/copy/paste. I also designed the user interface and worked behind the scenes on the Java class design and testing

Development Environment:

Project developed using Android Studio using Java. Utilized external libraries including Google Gson for JSON serialization.

Extensions and Future Work:

  • Integration of additional features such as multiplayer support, advanced scripting functionalities, and enhanced graphical capabilities.
  • Exploration of optimization techniques to improve performance on a wider range of devices.
  • Incorporation of community feedback and further testing to refine user experience and address any potential issues.

Team: Amy Lo, Jin-Hee Lee, Phil Chen, Victoria Helm, Sarah McCarthy | Duration: 3 Weeks

Final Report

Team photo